visualise your emotions in real time


What is Visualise?

Emotional expressions are directly connected to our body language.
Also, emotions let's us understand ourselves better.
Visualise is a tool that lets you visualise (literally) your emotions
and presents to you the data for the same.

What it does?

Face the webcam. Visualise will read your emotions, through the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning framework and will formulate the data. You can see a real-time live graph that'll show them your emotions. When you decide to stop, Visualise will present to you a pie-chart that describes what your face expressions were saying throughout the session.

How we built it

frontend: HTML - CSS
Backend : Javascript and its libraries, including
* face-api.js (for recognizing emotions)
* Canva.js (for showing the real-time graph)
* Google charts (for showing the pie-chart after each session)
Deploying : vercel Domain :
For video editing and logo designing, tools
like PowerDirector, Canva, PicsArt are used.
For IDE, vscode and atom code editor were used